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catherine binghamJacob is an exc excellent practitioner! He knows what he's doing, and is very good at it. Within a few minutes of my first treatment I had immediate relief. My back has been hurting for months don't know what took me so long to come. I highly recommend him!

Dayana OrtegaThe best, God bless you, is a professional very good for control of pain!

Robin LoRe:  Dr. Zong is an excellent acupuncturist with many years of healing experience. I've had tremendous improvement of several ailments and have ongoing, lasting relief from shoulder, arm and neck pain caused by a damaged nerve

Ghazi Hussain:  Jacob is the man ! This guy legit helped out my mom walk easily without pain . My mom had problem with blood circulation and after coming to Jacob twice a week , she's a new person now ! Deff recommend it

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